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Name:Mr. Guntur Kusumo Winahyu [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: gunturkusumowinahyu@yahoo.com Y!: gunturkusumowinahyu
Mobile Number:081327187050
Phone Number:0274-868516,868398
Fax Number:0274-868481
Address:Jl. Salakan desa Durenan ( Jl. Magelang KM 12 )
Yogyakarta 55511, Yogyakarta
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Registration Date:Apr. 08, 2010
Last Updated:Apr. 09, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Packaging & Paper category

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SUPRATIK was established in 1992. We are running injection and blow molding plastic. We are dedicated to corporate growth through research and development, best quality and competitive pricing. Quality for SUPRATIK means developing excellent in our management and the product.
We puts our customers satisfaction as the highest priority and coupled with strict financial control, also provide Our motto is Give better than the best is our effort to fulfill their satisfaction

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